Artist Statement


The focus of my work has always been primarily on use. Pots that invite touch,  bowls to be lifted, mugs turned over, pots examined a bit more closely, beckoning fingers to run absently, or deliberately, over a rim or foot. Pots that show the mark of the maker; a fingerprint, some throwing rings, subtle nuances in design that are repeated throughout my work.

By utilizing a limited series of slips and glazes, wiping away and scratching through, I hope to impart layers of information in these pots, telling a story as to how they were made. It is my hope that this design process gives an added dimension to my work, creating interest and depth to both form and surface.

While I work, I tend to consider that how I make a pot and the design process I use, records a bit of the maker; a small part of ‘me’, that becomes permanent within the pot. That same pot then takes its place in someone else’s life; and that person will in turn, make it their own;  adding new stories in addition to mine, and so completing the cycle.