Walter Keeler Workshop at Archie Bray

Just wanted to post some photos here of the workshop I just came from out in Montana at The Archie Bray Foundation. I found out this past Summer while visiting Wally’s studio in Wales, that he was planning on attending NCECA this year, as well as giving the workshop at The Bray the week before. As it’s probably the only chance in my lifetime to get to attend a Walter Keeler workshop, I jumped at the chance the day registration opened. I feel extremely lucky that I was able to attend.

For those not familiar with his work, you should make yourself familiar with it! Keeler makes salt glazed pots, drawing on a range of influences; particularly early industrial pottery such as Staffordshire Creamware and agricultural ware such as milk churns and oil cans. His pots are wheelthrown then hand-altered, they are sculptural yet functional. He was warm, entertaining, funny and knowledgable and really gave everyone a fantastic two day hands-on experience!

The following is a short slide presentation of some throwing, altering, and assembling that had taken place at the workshop. I’ve also got a couple of videos up if you’d like to check those out as well!

We cannot display this gallery

If ever you’re in the Helena, Montana area, The Archie Bray Foundation is definitely worth a visit all on it’s own. Not only is there an ever-changing current gallery exhibit, but they have some fabulous pots in their permanent galleries, including some really excellent examples of Bernard Leach, Shoji Hamada and Peter Volkous. The grounds of the Bray is an interesting exhibit all on it’s own – full of pots, sculptural pieces, historic beehive kilns, ceramic garden-scapes as well a generous assortment of wood fire kilns. You can walk into the artist residence studios and take a look at work being produced, speak with the artists, take photos and in general, be hugely inspired. Here are a few shots in and around The Bray, plus a quick look at some of the artist studios. For those who are not ceramically inclined, the scenery in and around Helena is stunning and well worth a drive around the area.

Here are some slide images taken around the grounds at Archie Bray –

We cannot display this gallery

And finally, some quick images of the artist residence studios. I arrived on a Sunday morning so not much was going on in the residence studios, but Kenyon Hanson and Sean O’Connell were both busy at work. I genuinely enjoyed speaking with them and I thank them both for the time they took with me.

Sean O’Connell

Pots in Sean O'Connell's Studio



Sean O'Connell in his Studio


Kenyon Hansen


Lindsay Pichaske




Jeff Campana's Pots Outside his Studio

Nicholas Bivens' Studio


Steve Lee's Studio



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  1. Wow. What an amazing place. A potter friend of mine just moved to Montana from Virginia. She is 45 minutes from Archie Bray and is SO thankful!

  2. Bev Haas

    Great pictures and descriptions Nancy! Thank you for sharing :-)

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