Show applications are in the works! Please check back for upcoming shows for 2016.





  1. Chris Noel

    Your work just keeps getting better and better,Nancy! These are beautiful pieces!

  2. Joan Quigley

    where can I purchase the online items? also, will you be at the events the same weekend in November?

    • Hi Joan – the pots in the online shop can be purchased at the ‘shop’ link –
      By clicking on any of them, it will take you into the etsy store where you can purchase that pot, look at more, or, purchase others. Thanks for asking!
      Sorry – the events page was a little confusing. I’ll be in Lancaster the 9th and 10th of November.

  3. Mary Warunek

    I have to ask… do you attend the Ann Arbor Art Fair? Because I’m looking for a vendor I’ve seen there and your items are triggering my memory, as it’s been about three years…

  4. Deborah Quinn

    Nancy: I have been to several shows where you displayed and I purchased bird baths. I think they would make great holiday gifts and I would be happy to add 1 or 2 more to my own yard. Any possibility you may have some available?

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