Have you purchased any of my pottery or received some as a gift? I’d love for you to leave a short message in the comment area below!


  1. Teresa Featheringham

    I just want to let everyone know how wonderful and beautiful the Basset Treat Jar is. I just received mine over the weekend, and it is just amazing. The detail, the color, and the little basset on top is just awesome. I would highly recommend this piece to everyone. I am so happy and thrilled with the craftsmanship, it truly is a masterpiece. Thanks to Nancy!

  2. Kathy Nali

    We received one of the “Drool Rules” coffee mugs as a gift and give it a “4 Paws” for excellence. I’ve even heard of people who use them although ours in in our collection of special treasures we will cherish forever…thanks Nancy!!!

    Bobby & Mommy

  3. Audrey Kaake

    I have one of Nancy’s coffee cups. I love it! Nancy does beautiful work and I am very happy to recommend her to everyone. Do a little shopping. You won’t be disappointed!

  4. Lynn Hagge

    I purchased one of Nancy’s aubergine and wintergreen glazed “Drool Rules” Basset Hound mugs, and use it daily. It fits my hand perfectly, keeps my coffee hot, and my iced drinks cold. Nancy puts her heart into her work, and it shows. Excellent craftsmanship worthy of being passed down to future generations.

  5. Hanni Klinger

    I have purchased several of Nancy’s items .They are used all the time and hold up well.
    Thank you so much for making those mugs they are very special and all my friends admire them.
    a Drooler from Tonanwanda NY

  6. Nancy’s work is AWESOME and always a huge hit at our auctions! Highly recommend her work and just ordered by own Basset Treats Jar and can’t wait to get it!

  7. Beth Vogel

    I was given one of Nancy’s Basset jars as a gift and it is certainly something that I will always treasure. The glaze is beautiful and the detail of the little Basset Hound on the handle is unbelievable. I highly recommend this pottery – Nancy is a real artist!

    Beth Vogel,
    Columbus, Ohio

  8. I first saw your beautiful pottery as a auction item. I went to your site – talk about drooling – that was me not the bassets. They are wonderfully earthy, like our sweet bassets. I’m saving my pennies, but every time I go back to your site, I see another fabulous item. The silly houndies want the treat jar, but the cups are fun, but that means the tea pot, then I see the platter……


    Spokane, WA

  9. Dawn Van Keuren

    I have five (uh oh) pieces of Nancy’s Basset Pottery. The biggest is a beautiful table lamp I purchased at pawction last year. I also have three mugs. One has a little basset figure on top and is too cute to use. The others are a drool rules mug and a beautiful eggplant mug with Watson looking over his shoulder. That is my favorite mug! the last Nancyware I have is the one I use most and the most fun. It is a little tray with a simple line drawing of a basset on it. Love it. Thanks Meatball for making her do this.

  10. Bonnie Bostelman

    I have bought several items from Nancy from Drool Rule’s Mugs to Treat Jars and her work is beautiful!!! Thanks Nancy!

  11. I have purchased several large serving pieces from Nancy. Some have been gifted and others just did not make it off my kitchen counter! Colors and shapes are very unique. I will continue to think of Nancy’s pottery as wedding and shower gifts. Very special OOAK!

  12. Mary Chase

    Nancy made us a beautiful basset treat jar! Its beyond description….we are thrilled…..the craftsmanship is wonderful! Thank you again Nancy!

  13. Audrey Kaake

    I know you’re busy, but I miss your updates!

  14. Angelika

    I recently purchased one of Nancy’s new garden bells as a gift for someone. WOW~ I will have to order another one for myself. It is gorgeous and bigger than I expected it to be. I love that the ringer is wood- and the leather ties just really set off the piece. The basset on the one I ordered is really cute and my friend will love it. Nancy continues to pleasantly surprise us with her designs. Thank you!

  15. Jan M

    WOW!! I had Nancy make a “basset” crock to hold my cooking utensils. She sent me a picture of it prior to shipment. That picture didn’t do it justice. I was very impressed when I received it. Don’t be worry about shipping – each item arrives very nicely packed.

    This is my second piece of Nancy’s pottery. I also own the “basset” garden bell. I liked mine so well that I ordered a second garden bell for a fundraiser.

    Great job Nancy!!

  16. Georgia Sandor

    I have inherited two black pottery bowls from my mother-in-law. One is marked Mary Gallagher Santa Clara. it was a gift given to her In the 1970’s by a person living near DenverCO at the time. 3 1/4 inches across at the widest part. And 2 3/4 inches high. The design looks like an arrow being caught in the mouth of a bird or a dragon.
    Do you have any idea of the value? In the same group, I received a bowl made by Ramona Tapia. Santa Clara. Dims. 5 1/2 across by 4 inches high. I am not sure when this would have been purchased, but I suspect in the late 70’s or early 80’s. Thanks for having this forum, and I look forward to hearing about your bowl or any comments regarding the Ramona Tapia bowl as well

    Georgia Sandor,
    . MedinaOhio

  17. Patti Tobin

    Hi Nancy,

    Great site! I’ll give you a call in the fall (last half of September). Here’s my info:
    Patti Tobin
    (717) 309-6405

    I spent 3 yrs in Japan when my husband was in the Navy. That was 45 yrs ago, and I’m still hooked on bonsai.

  18. Lawrence Weathers, Ph D

    All of the test tiles are wonderful. They would be even more useful if they were entered into the glaze database. It has extremely powerful search capabilities and it completely free.

  19. Lee Bender

    Hi Nancy,
    I took a pottery class with you last year and, although it was fun pottery just isnt for me! However my husband bought me a Bailey ST wheel for Christmas before I even took you class and I’ve had it a year and it has NEVER been used. Would you or someone you know from your classes be interested in purchasing it? Thanks and have a great day!

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