New Pottery Class Session

potters-wheel2Learning to Throw and Beyond! This wheel class is for very beginners through intermediate potters. You’ll learn to center on the pottery wheel and work on basic bowl and cylinder forms to create useful and artful, mugs, bowls and vases. More experienced potters will work on pulled handles, altered pots and refining details to make their pots well crafted. I use earthenware clay in my studio, all glazes are made in the studio and suitable for food use, and we will learn both form and surface decoration, including underglaze use, slip, sgraffito technique, texture and clay transfers. No matter what your level, major emphasis will be on FUN! 

Information soon on Fall Classes – please check back!

Classes will be filled on a first come, first served basis and you can register securely and conveniently online. If you prefer to drop a check off at the studio to register, please call me at 717-309-1521 for arrangements.



  1. katherine bruff

    How much are your pottery classes? would you be interested in holding a class for homeschool middleschool girls?

  2. Lauren Koontz

    Hi Nancy! I am completely excited I found you!! I was speaking with one of my clients today ( I have a nail salon) and she suggested to check you out for continuing pottery classes. I am taking my very first 5 week pottery course from Clay crafstman and currently into the 3 week ( 3rd time) and I fell in LOVE! I am searching for continuing classes elsewhere and I am thinking you are it! I am hoping someday to add my own pottery to my nail business or live the American dream and sell on Etsy. lol I will be visiting Clayworks in baltimore this Saturday and I can’t wait! The classes they have in addition to the huge supply store are so interesting! I would like your input on where to start learning the background to pottery, The different glazes, kilns, pottery techniques and terms.. I am eager to hear all about how you started and what sparked your interest! Looking forward to you having possible Sept or Oct. classes? And the cost? Thank you for your time-Lauren

    • Thanks Lauren! Sent you an email with class details. Registration should be up online is weekend for the next session!

  3. Heather L


    When will you be offering your next set of classes and how much will they be?

    Thank you,


  4. Teena Dugan

    Hi Nancy,

    can you please email me your class schedule and cost, I have been taking classes near Baltimore but would like to take them closer to home so I’m excited to have found you.


    • Tamela

      Hi. I was a student of Jill’s and since she’s not teaching, I was wondering if you have any classes open? I’m having pottery withdrawal! Thanks. I’m from New Freedom.

      • jo huber

        Will you be starting new classes in the fall?

        • Hello – yes, due to travel and show commitments, classes this Fall will begin in October. Please sign up for the newsletter to be notified when registration begins. Thanks for asking! You may sign up for the newsletter here –

  5. Mike Kledzik

    Do you ever offer 3-5 day workshops? Any scheduled?

    • Hi Mike – I’ve only done a 2 day workshop here at my studio. I’ll keep a longer one in mind but I’d really need to take the time to organize a plan for one that long.

  6. stephanie frew

    Do you have a Facebook page that I can follow. I am too busy for this class but would love to sign up for a future class

  7. Kate

    do you have pottery classes for kids? My son is 10yrs old…….Thanks!!

  8. Paula K. Denton

    Can you let me know when the next beginners class is. Also sign me up for the newsletter.


  9. Anne Schroeder

    Nancy, I am moving to Glenville in the future. I have used molds and slip before. I would like to try the pottery wheel. Please send me the fall classes you have. Thank you.

  10. Lee Bender

    I’m really excited about taking your classes!! I just signed up for them but I’m confused, I signed up for the Wed afternoon classes but it says that they start on March 11 but that’s a Friday…do they start the next Wednesday (March16)?

    • Thanks, Lee – I’ve sent you an email to your yahoo address regarding the classes. Classes will actually start March 9th and run through April 13th!

  11. Joni Brown

    Very interested in taking a begginner pottery class. My daughter Kat Marchewka told me about your classes, in fact she showed interest also. Do you have any other class times? Thankyou, Joni Brown

    • Hi Joni – the classes are all on Wednesdays. Most people are beginners. I limit the classes to Wednesday day, and Wednesday evenings so I can more easily schedule my own pottery production around it. Thanks for asking – hope you and Kat can join us.

  12. Heather Klebon

    Hello Nancy! Would you be considering having any classes over the Summer by chance? My Daughter would love to take your class (she’ll be 18) but we’re 1 1/2 hrs away. It’s doable for us over the Summer however.

    • Hi Heather – yes. There will be classes this Summer and we’d love to have your daughter on board. Your name sounds familiar to me but if you’re not already on the mail list, you can sign up here to be notified when they begin. Thanks!

  13. Paula Denton

    Nancy….can you let me know when you next beginners class starts. Thanks Paula

  14. This class sounds great but summertime is hectic. Please add me to your email list. I would love to be notified about fall classes!

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